Vice Chancellor

Prof. N.C. Gautam
⦁ Worked as Head Dean, College of Horticulture & Forestry NDUAT, Faizabad. Served as Vice-Chancellor the VBS Purvanchal University,

⦁ Professor (since 1992) and more than 37 years of experience in teaching of Graduate and Under Graduate courses at University level.

⦁ Posses more than 40 years experience

⦁ 18 (Widely accepted as reference book by the Indian Universities.

⦁ Research papers and articles, Technical bulletins etc. -80 Country visited ⦁ Japan, U.S.A., Israil, Philippines and other European countries Honours Fellows

⦁ Fellow of Indian society of Vegetable science,
⦁ Fellow of Indian Botanical Society
⦁ Fellow of CHAI.