Faculty of Agriculture

The University develops cadre and human resource for promotion of gainful self-employment through agriculture and agribusiness to enable them to increase productivity and earn their livelihood. The University has 80 ha agricultural farm for research and development in innovative techniques of agriculture. viz. ravines development, water harvesting, ground water recharge, drip and sprinkler, covered cultivation for plant propagation and horticulture promotion.

Aims & Objectives

  • Education and technology development for environmentally sustainable agriculture/ veterinary/forestry/animal husbandry models suited to farmers of rain fed
  • Education and technology development for aromatic & medicinal plants, live stock management.
  • Livelihood strategies for the landless and marginalized farmers through innovative biomass strategies, post harvest technologies & seed
  • Entrepreneurial approach to agricultural
  • Education and technology dissemination through extension services and
  • Creation of   hi-tech    resource    centres    including   biotechnology    and    watershed management


  • Department of Crop Science
  • Department of Natural Resource Management
  • Department of Technology Transfer

Courses Offered

S.I Name of the course Seats Duration Eligibility
1 M.Sc.(Ag.) Extension 10 4 Sem. B.Sc.(Ag.)/ Ag.+Ent.)
2 M.Sc.(Ag.) Soil Science 10 4 Sem. B.Sc.(Ag.)/ Ag.+Ent.)
3 M.Sc. (Ag.) Agronomy 10 4 Sem. B.Sc.(Ag.)/ Ag.+Ent.)
4 M.Sc.(Ag.) Genetics & Plant Breeding 10 4 Sem. B.Sc.(Ag.)/ Ag.+Ent.)
5 M.Sc.(Ag.) Agriculture Economics 05 4 Sem. B.Sc.(Ag./Hort/Ag+Ent)
6 M.Sc.(Ag.) Horticulture (Vegetable Sc.) 10 4 Sem. B.Sc.(Ag/Hort/Ag+Ent)
7 M.Sc.(Ag.) Agri Biochemistry 10 4 Sem. B.Sc.(Ag/Hort/Ag+Ent)
8 M.Sc. (Ag.) Live Stock Production and Mgt. 10 4 Sem. B.Sc.(Ag)/Ag&Ent)
9 B.Sc.(Home Science) 35 6 Sem. 10+2 (Ag/Sc/H.Sc/Arts)
10 B.Voc. (Agriculture operation &Management) 50 6 Sem. 10+2 (Ag/Sc/H.Sc/Arts)
11 M.Voc. (Agriculture operation &Management) 50 4 Sem. Graduation in relevant