Under-Graduate Course Syllabus

Course CodeCourse NameDownload
B101B.Sc. (Agriculture)Click to View
B102B.Sc. (Home Science)Click to View

Course CodeCourse NameDownload
B201B.A.Click to View
B202B.A. (Human consciousness & Yogic Science)Click to View
B402B.Com.Click to View
B211B. Ed.Click to View
B203B. El. Ed.Click to View
B204B.F.A.Click to View
B212B.J.M.CClick to View
B213B.Lib.I.Sc.Click to View
B208B.P.A.Click to View
B209B.P.E.S.Click to View
Course CodeCourse NameDownload
B301B. Tech. (Ag)Click to View
B302B. Tech. (Civil)Click to View
B303B. Tech. (Food)Click to View
B304B. Tech. (IT)Click to View
B602B. Voc. (AOM)Click to View
B605B. Voc. (FPT)Click to View
B607B. Voc. (RETM)Click to View
B6B. Voc. (CySIT)Click to View

Course CodeCourse NameDownload
B401BBAClick to View
B402B. Com.Click to View

Course CodeCourse NameDownload
B501B.Sc. (Zoology, Botany, Environmental Science, Information Technology, Geology, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Bio Chemistry)
Biological Sciences First Year
Physical Sciences First Year
Biological Sciences Second Year
Physical Sciences Second Year
B507Bachelor of Computer ApplicationClick to View